We Found EVERY SINGLE 2025 Disney World Ticket Price Increase So You Don’t Have To

Published: February 27, 2024

Disney just released information about ticket prices for 2025, and the cost to visit The Most Magical Place on Earth has definitely increased. But exactly how MUCH have ticket prices gone up? We have all the data right here.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

Each year, Disney announces updated prices for theme park tickets, and we always do the math to find out which days got more expensive, which days got cheaper, and which didn’t change at all. In addition, we’ve created a list of the most expensive and cheapest days to visit the parks!

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Note that the prices we’re working with here are the starting ticket prices, which means the lowest possible rate. Usually, this is the price for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so you can expect prices for the other parks to be a bit higher.

Animal Kingdom

Overall, the price range of tickets will go up in 2025. In 2024, the starting prices ranged from $109 to $164. In 2025, the starting prices will be between $119 and $169.


We saw increases on these starting prices, but note that Park Hopper tickets have also increased in price.

Hollywood Studios

Here’s a look at ALL the price changes, month-by-month:

January Ticket Price Changes

In January, most days will see a price increase from 2024 to 2025. A few days will decrease in price or stay the same, but over half of the days will get more expensive.

January Ticket Price Changes

If you’re visiting in January, it looks like the best time to go will be the 6th, 7th, or 13th.

February Ticket Price Changes

In February, almost every single day will see a price increase in 2025.

February Ticket Price Changes

Only one day will decrease in price: February 24th.

March Ticket Price Changes

March is a similar picture: Most days will increase in price, while only a few will stay the same price.

March Ticket Price Changes

There will be no days with cheaper prices in 2025 compared to 2024.

April Ticket Price Changes

In April, all but two days will increase in price in 2025.

April Ticket Price Changes

With so many price increases, it seems that Disney is expecting April to be a popular month in the parks.

May Ticket Price Changes

May is another popular month for Disney World — with some schools getting out for summer break, we often see families spending their vacation in the parks.

May Ticket Price Changes

In May 2025, most days will see price increases.

June Ticket Price Changes

Although some June days got cheaper in 2024, there will be no price decreases this month in 2025.

June Ticket Price Changes

The summer months are notoriously busy in Disney World!

July Ticket Price Changes

July is the first month so far to have EVERY SINGLE DAY see a price increase in 2025.

July Ticket Price Changes

Some of the price increases are pretty significant, too, jumping from $139 to $154.

August Ticket Price Changes

August has more variety in the changes, with a few days seeing the same prices as 2024 and some even showing decreases.

August Ticket Price Changes

This month tends to be a mixed bag when it comes to crowds: It’s still summer break, but school is starting in some areas, so usually fewer families are in the parks compared to June and July.

September Ticket Price Changes

September is a breath of fresh air! This month will see several price decreases.

September Ticket Price Changes

In fact, the month is split pretty evenly between price increases and decreases.

October Ticket Price Changes

In October, we’re back to the price increases, with almost every single day showing a price increase.

October Ticket Price Changes

The only day that’s staying the same price is October 6th.

So far, Disney has only released pricing information through October, but we will update this post when November and December are added.

Now, let’s take a look at the most expensive and cheapest days to go to Disney World in 2025:

The Most Expensive Days To Go to Disney World in 2025

Tickets on these days start at $169 and go up from there:

  • February 3rd-5th (in 2024, these were $139+ to $144+)
  • February 14th-22nd (in 2024 these were $149+ to $164+)
  • March 15th-16th (in 2024 these were $154+ to 159+)
  • March 28th-30th (in 2024 these were $159+ to $164+)
  • April 4th-6th (in 2024 these were $159+)
  • April 11th-13th (in 2024 these were $154+ to 159+)
  • April 18th-2th (in 2024 these were $159+ to 164+)
  • April 25th-27th (in 2024 these were $149+)
  • October 13th (in 2024 this was $154+)

The Cheapest Days To Go to Disney World in 2025

Tickets on these days start at $119. Note that this is the base price — tickets for some parks may cost more than others:

  • August 19th-22nd (in 2024 these were $109+ to $129+)
  • August 25th-28th (in 2024 these were $109+ to $134+)
  • September 2nd-4th (in 2024 these were $109+ to $149+)
  • September 9th-11th (in 2024 these were $109+ to $129+)
  • September 15th-18th (in 2024 these were $109+ to $139+)
  • September 23rd-25th (in 2024 these were $109+ to $139+)

Overall, if you’re looking for the cheapest time to visit Disney World in 2025, September is a great month to go!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Disney World)

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And there you have it! For more updates on the latest Disney World changes, be sure to stay tuned to DFB.

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