Walt Disney President of Motion Picture Studios, and Live-Action Remake Guy, Sean Bailey To Leave Disney

Published: February 26, 2024

It has been announced that Sean Bailey, the president of Disney’s Motion Picture Studios, will be leaving the Walt Disney Company. Bailey is the one who kept turning animated films into live-action movies. Now, he’s leaving his position of almost 15 years but will remain at Disney to produce Tron: Ares.

With his exit, David Greenbaum, Searchlight co-president, will be stepping in to replace him. Greenbaum will now have a new title, “President, Disney Live Action and 20th Century Studios.” He will now report directly to Disney Entertainment co-chairman Alan Bergman.

Steve Asbell will remain as the President of 20th Century Studios and will now report to Greenbaum.

Bailey says he looks forward to “a new chapter.”

These 15 years at Disney have been an incredible journey, but the time is right for a new chapter. I’m deeply grateful to my exceptional team and proud of the slate and history we’ve built together. I joined Disney while producing Tron: Legacy, so it seems fitting that I will have the opportunity to work on the latest Tron as I depart. I wish Bob Iger, Alan Bergman, and all my amazing colleagues the very best for a bright future.

Is Bailey Gone From Disney?

It sounds like Bailey has been replaced but is still staying to finish producing a film, which is a major step down from being the President of Disney’s Motion Picture Studios. 

Personally, I think Disney may move away from the live-action remakes.

Just a few months ago, Bailey was the focus of a story in The New York Times about how he has turned so many animated films into live-action remakes. His most recent was “The Little Mermaid,” which only made about $45 million profit after all the expenses.

Early on, these films did well theatrically, but recently, they have seen declining returns. Even the ones that went to Disney+, like “Pinocchio” and “Peter Pan,” did not go over well with audiences and critics as audiences have seemingly grown increasingly tired of the constant live-action reimaginings of classic animated films.

Snow White has been one giant PR disaster

The upcoming “Snow White” has come under fire several times, literally and figuratively. From the decision to CGI dwarves instead of casting actors with dwarfism to the rumors that the story will be vastly different as Snow is now a leader and the “fairest of them all” means “who is the most just,” according to the actress playing the character. 

The entire production has been a giant train wreck and has been pushed back by a year. Originally, it was set to release on March 22, 2024, and now it isn’t releasing until March 21, 2025

There is a long list of animated films reportedly getting the live-action “treatment,” including “Hercules,” “Lilo and Stitch,” “Moana,” “Bambi,” “The Aristocats,” and more. 

For the most part, audiences don’t seem to want these films, or Disney films in general, if the past year was any indication. 

Now, the person who was pushing them is gone. 

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Source: Deadline

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