Uhhh Disney, Was That Super Bowl Commercial Something We Need to DECODE?

Published: February 12, 2024

Last year, Disney treated us to a tear-jerker of a Super Bowl commercial that looked back at the company’s 100 years through iconic films, theme park scenes, and the words of Walt Disney himself. This year’s Super Bowl ad has left us, well, … scratching our heads.


The commercial for Disney+ has people all over social media asking, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”

Here’s a look at the Disney+ ad:

As you can see, the commercial is pretty … sparse, to say the least. It includes a series of lines and catchphrases — just black type on a white screen — from franchises including Marvel, Star Wars, The Muppets, Indiana Jones, High School Musical, Lilo and Stitch, Cars, Snow White, Toy Story, and more. But it’s how the ad ends that has fans asking questions.

The screen suddenly shifts to black and in white type says, “… Ready for It?” The ad then fades to black and ends with the Disney+ logo. Now, IF you are a Taylor Swift fan, you already know that “… Ready for It?” is a Taylor Swift song from the Reputation album. Disney just announced this week that The Eras Tour film will be streaming on Disney+ starting March 15th.


And yeah, that’s probably the reference at the end of the ad. But. BUT. Swifties have been speculating for MONTHS that Taylor will soon announce the release of the “Taylor’s Version” re-recording of her Reputation album. It was believed that would happen last week at the Grammy’s. I mean, everyone was SURE. Until she announced a brand-new album that no one knew about instead. Taylor’s die-hard fans are still convinced Reputation Taylor’s Version is coming soon, though, and so the Disney+ ad that just aired is spinning the speculation back up.

We’ll keep waiting. And watching. And bringing you all the Disney news here on DFB!

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