Top Five Disney World Vloggers

Published: August 11, 2019

For those of you that may not be aware, Vlogging or  Video Blogging of Disney has become very popular for those that love the parks and those that may be planning a trip to Disney.  Disney Vlogging is a win-win situation for both the Creator and Disney.  The creator is able to earn income and exposure by giving information about the parks and Disney gets free exposure for their parks and products.

DisneyDawgs does have a YouTube Channel where we post videos regarding the parks but not to the expertise or in depth video of the professional Disney Vloggers.

Below we have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite (in no specific order) Disney Vloggers.

Resort TV1

Resort TV1 are Disney Vloggers that excel at live-streaming events from the parks.  Whether it is Illuminations at Epcot or a stroll through Magic Kingdom the quality of the video that they live-stream is crystal clear and their commentary is second to none.  The interaction they have with fans that stop them and say hi during their streams adds to the friendliness of their videos.  Me and my pups started watching the live streams from the parks that they broadcast every Friday night at 6PM EST about 18 months ago and instantly enjoyed their content ever since.

DFB Guide

The Disney Food Blog on YouTube is a must for those that love Disney, are veteran Disney Park visitors or are planning their 1st trip to Orlando.  Their series of both Vlogs and Blogs have an incredible amount of information that will save you both time and money.  The videos are hosted by AJ and she will guide you Disney planning with her warm and comforting voice.  The wealth of information that this channel shares with its viewers is priceless.  AJ will mainly guide you through the marriot of food options that there are when you visit Disney and when the best times are to visit for your greatest savings.  This may be a good vlog for adults to watch because AJ always finds the best alcoholic beverages in Disney 😀

Big Fat Panda

Big Fat Panda is a Disney Vlog that has just about everything Disney in it, along with some skits and funny commentary.  BFP has been around for quite a while and his vlogs never disappoint.  Whether the opening of a new ride or sitting down with other Disney creators to discuss some Disney information or rumors.  Take a look at this interesting vlog.


Paging Mr. Morrow

Paging Mr. Morrow is a funny, zanny vlog featuring a husband and wife team that travels through the Disney Parks offering their unique observations and options of Disney rides, shops, etc.  This vlog offers some incredible POV ride videos that are very high-quality.  Paging Mr. Morrow is a vlog to watch when you just want to enjoy the sites of the Disney Parks along with some very humorous commentary.


Tim Tracker

The Tim Tracker has to be one of the most popular Disney Vlogs on YouTube today.  Tim Tracker is not only a Disney Vlog, he does videos on all of the Orlando area attractions.  The biggest time of year for his vlog is during Universal Studios “Halloween Horror Nights”.  This channel started out as a daily vlog channel and kindof morphed into a Disney Vlog.  Today, Tim is often visiting many of the new Disney attractions, hotels and even Disney Cruise Line on the invitation of Disney themselves.  Although for some of the latest videos Disney has paid both him and his wife’s bill, I still feel as though he is giving an honest opinion in the video.


There are currently hundreds, if not thousands of Disney Vlogs on YouTube currently.  This venue offers viewers information of every angle of the Disney Parks to help their viewers save time, money and have an enjoyable vacation.