This Horrifying Trend Is Taking Over Magic Kingdom and We Are Not OK

Published: February 29, 2024

Listen, we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go in Disney World.

Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle

From the rose gold phase to the days when Starbucks tumblers were literally being FOUGHT over in The Emporium, Disney has often been keen to hop on the latest trends. They even change rides and attractions to update them with modern times! But there’s one trend happening in Disney World — and Magic Kingdom in particular — that we’ve got to point out.

Do you know what has INVADED Disney World right now? Dad jokes! 

Jungle Cruise

Nope, I’m totally serious here. They’re all over the place! They started out as being confined to the Jungle Cruise attraction, and we were totally okay with that. That ride was MADE for silly humor and witty puns. It’s the whole reason we visit it!

Jungle Cruise

But after a while, they started expanding outside that perimeter. And now it seems that every Disney Cast Member with a microphone has a joke to tell us. 😂

It starts with the tram ride into the parks. Boarding the tram at the Transportation & Ticket Center can be a tedious task, and then the tram announcers insist upon livening the ride up with some jaunty humor. What if we didn’t want our tram ride to be fun, Disney? Huh?! (Okay, well maybe that’s actually a bit of an improvement.)

Magic Kingdom tram

Then, once you get to the park, you can’t escape it! Right there on Main Street, U.S.A., as if they were waiting for you, are likely to be the Dapper Dans. Their musical performances are littered with bad jokes and dad jokes alike. Jokes like: “How does Ariel wash her fin? With TIDE!” (Alright, maybe that was kind of funny.)

The Dapper Dans are ICONIC

And if those experiences aren’t enough, I’ve also been cornered by jokesters in other locations as well. I’ve heard puns uttered hurriedly over the Monorail intercom, Disney character jokes shared by the conductor on the Wildlife Express, and of course, a fair share of animal humor has been directed my way while riding on Kilimanjaro Safaris. (But then, who doesn’t love a good animal joke?!)

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Okay, so maybe I’m not really mad about it at all. Maybe it really does make me laugh and smile more, and maybe it really does improve my trips to the parks by a significant margin. Honestly, Disney Cast Members are the best, and I’m happy to laugh at their jokes (whether they’re good or bad!) over and over again.

We love Cast Members!

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