This Airplane Bathroom Horror Story Is Literally My Worst Nightmare Come to Life

Published: February 16, 2024

Not only did passengers spend over six hours on a flight that landed exactly where it started, but it sounded like it was an INCREDIBLY uncomfortable six hours.

We wouldn’t ever want to be on a flight where this happens!

As KLM flight KL601 was traveling from Amsterdam to Los Angeles on Monday, February 12th, 2024, it made not one, but THREE U-turns. What should have been a ten-hour flight to Los Angeles, ended up being a six-and-a-half-hour NIGHTMARE that brought passengers right back to Amsterdam.

One Mile at a Time reported this nightmare story. The KLM flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles was on a Boeing 787 plane. In total, the plane has nine bathrooms, and shortly into the flight, ALL the bathrooms stopped working. This led to the first turn-around for the flight to head back to Amsterdam about 70 minutes into the flight. So far, so good, right? They have no bathrooms and are in the middle of the ocean, so the logical answer is to return back. Especially since they are only slightly over an hour into the flight.

Imagine being thousands of feet up, knowing there is no bathroom for you to use…

However, soon ONE bathroom began working, so they decided to turn around again and continue their journey to Los Angeles. You read that right — ONE out of NINE bathrooms started working again and the plane abandoned its plan to go back to Amsterdam and continued on its very long flight. Oh no, this story is NOT going towards happily ever after!

We are thankful for every plane bathroom we have been able to use!

The plane continued its journey for TWO MORE HOURS until they made the decision once again to turn around and return to Amsterdam. The plane ended up landing six and a half hours after it initially took off, right back where it started.


For a majority of that time, only ONE bathroom was available for use. We looked it up, and according to Boeing, their 787-10 holds 336 passengers. That means that 336 people were sharing a single bathroom onboard this flight.

We are having nightmares just thinking about how awful that must have been! Luckily, the plane did eventually land back in Amsterdam, but I am sure there was more than one person sprinting for the bathroom.

Luckily, this isn’t the only airplane news that we’ve seen recently — here are some other, less-terrifying updates:

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