The Weird Cast Member RULE That Only Applies When It Rains in Disney World

Published: March 2, 2024

I was a Disney World Cast Member, and I’m here to let you in on a rainy day secret. Yes, rainy days at Disney World have their own sort of protocol, especially if you’re a Cast Member.

Haunted Mansion in Disney World

I used to work at the Haunted Mansion, and although I did spend a lot of time haunting the halls inside the Mansion, there are also quite a few outdoor positions that I worked as well. If you didn’t already know, attractions Cast Members’ shifts consist of rotations that typically last around 35 to 45 minutes. That means that you’ll spend your shift doing different “jobs” around the attraction. For example, a shift at the Mansion for me might have been starting in a stretch room, then heading to the loading belt, then heading to the Lightning Lane podium to scan visitors in. (Not necessarily in that order, but for the safety of Cast Members its best not to reveal where they’d be headed next — ya feel me?) Anyway, occasionally working in outdoor positions taught me a few things about RAIN. 

So, let’s start out with a few helpful tips when it comes to riding rides at Disney World on a super rainy day. For the most part, attractions won’t close. However, if the rain gets SUPER heavy or if there’s thunder or lightning in the area, the leaders/coordinators will call for a “Weather 101.” 

Disney World

A Code 101 for Cast Members means that something isn’t working or that it’s closed. So, a Weather 101 at an outdoor attraction means that the ride is completely closed and that the Cast Members MUST take cover. Like, they could get safety reprimanded if they’re just frolicking out and about in the middle of a storm. You know, liabilities and all that.

Magic Kingdom

At indoor attractions, the ride probably isn’t gonna close during a Weather 101, but the Cast Members working outdoor positions must take cover if there is extremely heavy rain, thunder, or lightning. At the Mansion, that meant that Lightning Lane Cast Members, greeters, and the person holding the End of Line sign needed to be underneath some sort of shelter.

Cinderella Castle

Except… here’s where it can get a bit awkward. As a Cast Member, you have to take cover if the leaders or coordinators call for a Weather 101. However, you also have to ensure that guests aren’t huddling under shelter that could potentially block the ride queue, entrance, pathway for other guests, et cetera. So… there were times that I myself had to stand under shelter to prevent getting drenched, but I had to tell other visitors that they couldn’t take shelter there as well. Yeah… It’s never a fun conversation.

Magic Kingdom

A lot of guests understandably get a little persnickety when the Cast Member doesn’t offer up their dry place to stand. Disney is known for putting the safety of guests FIRST, so it seems strange that weird instances like this occur. Just know that if someone tells you that you can’t stand in a dry place with them, the Cast Member likely feels incredibly horrible about it. However, they’re literally just doing their job.


In most cases, they’ll give you an alternative solution to staying dry. Visit a shop, go have some lunch at an indoor quick service food location, or find a covered area that isn’t blocking the entrance or portion of a ride queue. Remember that even if a portion of a ride queue is closed, the Cast Members will probably still tell you to leave.

Rainy day in Hollywood Studios

As long as you aren’t in a ride queue (even if that portion isn’t currently in use), blocking an emergency exit, maintenance door, ride or shop entrance, or pathway for other guests, you should be fine.

Magic Kingdom

We’ll continue to keep you updated with all sorts of Disney facts, history, and news, so make sure to follow along so that you’re always in the loop.

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