The NEW LEGO Set You Need To Turn Your House Into EPCOT’s World Showcase

Published: February 5, 2024

We’re a sucker for LEGOs, okay? It doesn’t matter how old we get.

LEGO Store at Disney Springs

And now there are even LEGO sets that are geared towards adults, so that makes us feel a little less guilty for getting sets for ourselves and not our kids/nieces/nephews. If you’re a big EPCOT fan, this newest set is sure to remind you of World Showcase!

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The Red London Telephone Box Will Bring the UK Pavilion to Your House!


The new Red London Telephone Box LEGO Set is made of 1,460 pieces and looks like a street corner you could find anywhere in London or in the EPCOT World Showcase UK pavilion!


Not only do you have the Telephone Box, but you’ve also got a streetlamp and a gate behind it. And don’t forget, you’re building the cobblestone street too!


Not only that, but you can customize what you’d like the inside of the Telephone Box to look like — either a 1980s-era phone or modern day.


Plus, a light brick on the roof will illuminate the inside!


We’re expecting this set, which is geared towards those 18+, to sell out fast, so grab it while you can!

Grab it right here!

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