The EXCLUSIVE Place Where You Can Buy Giant Bags of Disney World Chicken Tenders

Published: February 14, 2024

They’re warm. They’re yummy. They’re picky eater-approved.

You can’t go wrong!

Yessiree, we’re talking about chicken tenders. They’re a Disney World staple for many; can you even visit Disney World without grabbing a basket of piping hot tendies? Anyway, sometimes we find ourselves missing these bad boys and we wish we could have them at home. Well, we found out that you totally CAN have them at home. As long as you know a Disney World Cast Member.

Cast Connections is basically a Cast Member-exclusive Costco that’s tucked away on Disney World property. Here, you can find all sorts of extras. Extra merchandise, extra Annual Passholder magnets, extra decorations from hotel rooms, and yes — extra food that won’t get used at the theme parks. (Plus, “damaged” things will likely end up here! It’s like a Disney TJ Maxx or HomeGoods!)

Chicken tenders

Here, you can buy gigantic bags of Disney World chicken tenders. Yes, really! If you didn’t realize that Disney’s chicken tenders were frozen and then heated, we’re sorry to inform you of this news.

Chicken Tenders

So… how can YOU get yourself inside Cast Connetions and get that giant bag of tendies in your hands? Well, you can ask a Cast Member friend to get them for you the next time they visit, or if they’re feeling extra generous or social, they might even take you with them. 

Chicken tenders

Yep, Cast Members can have guests at Cast Connections! Oh, and did we mention that those chicken tenders taste super yummy if you also snag some of the Mickey waffles there? You’re welcome.

Chicken Tenders and Mickey Waffles

Pop the chicken tenders in the air fryer for some extra yum. You’re welcome, again. (Just call us Maui.)

Moana and Maui @Disney

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