The Disney+ X-MEN ’97 Official Trailer is Here!

Published: February 16, 2024

Marvel Animation's X-Men '97 | Official Trailer | Disney+

One of the greatest Marvel cartoons from the 1990s is back! The trailer for Disney Plus’s X-MEN ’97 has arrived!

The trailer for X-MEN ’97 just dropped on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube Channel. It’s full of nostalgia, minor changes, and an emotional callback. X-MEN ’97 will debut on Disney+ on March 20th!

There are lots of feels here. The trailer kicks off with an old-school TV and one of Toy Biz’s early X-MEN figures. We get a look back at the finale of Fox’s X-MEN cartoon, complete with the death of Professor X. 

We’re then introduced to the crisp and clean look of the series, along with some new voice actors. The show appears to tease lots of action, along with an incredible moment with Wolverine and Gambit. 

The significant struggles teased look to involve Magneto being Xavier’s beneficiary of his will and possibly the return of the Sentinels. 

The series is betting on those precious memberberries, and it will probably work. Hopefully, Rogue’s sweet butt meat won’t get censored…

Although everything on display with X-MEN ’97 is nice, clean, and shiny … animation enthusiasts may notice a deviation from the classic show’s animation style. 

There’s something about the animation, though, that feels off. It almost looks like Disney chose to use 3D cel-shaded models. X-MEN ’97 lacks the imperfections that were prevalent with the old series and with TV animation in general. I get that using 3D models is more cost-effective; it also robs the cartoon of that authentic ’90s feel.

It’s a strange criticism, I know. 

Regardless, seeing this X-MEN team returning is something Marvel desperately needs after a depressing 2023. It does make me wonder if/when they’ll try to put Kamala Khan in there. She’s a mutant now, don’t ya know?

What did you think of the X-MEN ’97 trailer? Let us know!

[Source: Marvel Entertainment]

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