Storybook Circus Construction: Smellephants Incoming?

Published: February 5, 2024

While visiting Magic Kingdom earlier today, we noticed some recent construction taking place that might be an early indicator that the Smellephants on Parade offering is coming soon. If you’re thinking to yourself: what is Smellephants on Parade? you’d be forgiven for forgetting that multi-level marketing company Scentsy is sponsoring a new experience in Storybook Circus that will encourage guests to go on a “search and sniff adventure”.

Smellephants on Parade concept art

For a few months now, areas of shrubbery have been cleared in select areas around Storybook Circus, but not much else has been going on until recently.

We’ll start with an area of interest that roughly matches the concept art above. This area to the right of the standby queue entrance has been cleared out for some time now, and (as we’ll see is quite common) a new bit of PVC pipe is now sticking up out of the ground. I presume that this will support the Smellephants somehow, but could be completely wrong. In essence, this entire article is about PVC pipes spotted in beds of pine straw. Continue reading at your own risk.

Nearby, a dumbo sign may be removed or relocated to what appears to be a rather robust foundation. It’s possible that this foundation may also be for the Smellephants, but I think they’d want them to be a little further away from guest reach, while still remaining close enough to smell. We’ll know more in the coming months as the Smellephants arrive.

Another location of interest and reasonably high confidence is the area seen below near the Casey Jr. splash pad. This area is the most recent one to be cleared of foliage, and contains two suspicious PVC pipes.

While there are a seemingly endless number of places you could place a Smellephant in Storybook Circus, another spot we’re keeping an eye on is this patch of pine straw just outside of the Big Top Souvenirs gift shop. Not only is there another interesting bit of PVC piping, but there also appears to be some pavement work nearby that may be related to the pending arrival of a Smellephant.

While Universal Orlando attempts to distract you with a brand new theme park, hold strong and rest assured that Smellephants are on their way to Magic Kingdom. Probably.

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