RUMOR: Lilo & Stitch Remake To Change Jumba And Pleakley

Published: February 18, 2024


The upcoming in-development Live-Action Remake of the 2002 animated classic Lilo & Stitch hasn’t been a stranger to controversy. The first major controversy came when it was believed that a new character was replacing fan favorite Coba Bubbles, but shortly afterward, it was announced that he would be in the film. It did seem that perhaps he was added back in specifically due to the backlash.

The second major controversy was due to some having issues with the casting of David Kahiau Machado, specifically his skin color. Machado would leave shortly after the controversy and would be replaced by Kaipo Dudoit. Some even took issue with actress Sydney Agudong, who was cast as Nani, again due to her skin color being too “pale.”

Now, it appears that we may be seeing something else come from this production. It’s something that may or may not cause some issues with die-hard fans. After recently starting back up following the Hollywood strikes, actor Billy Magnussen, who was cast as special agent Pleakley, was seen on set in costume, but as a human and not an alien.

This could lead to one of two possible outcomes. One, Magnussen is on set but will be digitally edited out and replaced with the alien. Two, Pleakley and Jumba, will be in disguise and will appear human-accurate.

One part of the Lilo & Stitch franchise is that Jumba and Pleakley often dress as humans in a poor attempt to “blend in.” But in this live-action version, they may use some cloaking device to fully appear human to save both time and money. 

Magnussen will act opposite Zach Galifianakis, who was cast as Dr. Jumba Jookiba, as they hunt for the escaped Experiment 626.

Are you looking forward to the Lilo & Stitch remake? Do you think that Disney should stop remaking their movies? Let us know. 

Source: Just Jared

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