RUMOR: Embracer Group To Sell KOTOR Remake Developer

Published: March 2, 2024


The latest rumor in the ever-continuing story surrounding the illusive remake of the cult classic video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is that the development behind the project seems to have taken a turn to the dark side. After multiple critical and commercial flops with games like the Saints Row reboot and the Gollum game, the publisher Embracer Group has run into financial troubles as of late.

The massive conglomerate is known for buying up companies, but their studio buying spree has seemingly ended with dwindling returns on their investments. Now, it seems that they may be seeking to offload some of what they bought to offset growing costs. 

In a recent report via Bloomberg, a supposed inside source stated that a group of private investors has apparently offered to spin off the developer/publisher Saber Interactive from Embracer for an estimated $500 Million to make it an independent company. 

Saber Interactive, if you recall, took over development of the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic when fellow Embracer subsidiary Aspyr was taken off of the project. If this report is true, the remake will likely either be canceled or developed/published independently from Embracer and released by Saber.

For a while, there had been many reports and rumors about the game’s status since all that was available was a small teaser trailer, which has since been removed from online. The game was apparently indefinitely delayed, hinting at development hell behind the scenes. 

Reports of it being canceled were disputed as there were supposedly at least a few people still developing it. But with this potential sale, we may never see this project come to light like the now-canceled Mandaloran game from Respawn

What do you think? Will we still see the KOTOR Remake come to life? Or will it be left to float lifeless in the vacuums of space? Let us know. 

Source: Game Informer 

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