Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Ending…

Published: September 17, 2021

Rumors are swirling that the Virtual Queue for Rise of the Resistance attraction in the new Galaxy’s Edge land in Hollywood Studios at Disney World and Disneyland will be discontinued shortly.

The Virtual Queue will be replaced with a standard “Standby Entrance”. This means that you will no longer need to have a reservation, that was incredibly difficult to get, to gain access to the attraction. This also means that visitors should expect a long, LONG wait to get on the attraction.

Why would Disney do this? Two words… “Lightning Pass”. Rise of the Resistance is the #1 attraction in all of the Disney Parks. By making it more difficult for visitors to get on this attraction it will make paying for a “Lightning Pass” more attractive to some visitors.

This is just another attempt by Disney to force guests to dish out more money in the parks for things that had previously been included with the ridiculous ticket prices.

What do you think? Is Disney being too greedy? Let me know.