REVIEW: This Disney Restaurant Has A Churro Donut? Say Less.

Published: February 6, 2024

Today, we’re headed over to Paradiso 37!

Let’s go!

You can find Paradiso 37 over at The Landing at Disney Springs! It’s surrounded by a ton of different shopping options, other places to dine, and of course — water! This waterfront option has plenty of seating and a ton of different food options to choose from. If you’re looking for drink options — look no further! Paradiso 37 features a wall of Tequila with over 37 different options for you to choose from.

Grab your bags, we’re headed to Paradiso 37!


When you walk into Paradiso 37, you’re met with a super spacious environment with A TON of seating. They have multiple dining rooms throughout this location, each with its own unique vibe. It is even full of decorations from different locations throughout the Americas!

Outside of the Entrance

Once inside, you’ll be met with a very large dining room.

The Dining Room When We First Walked In

Throughout the restaurant, there was a ton of seating, and it could accommodate parties as small as 2 and as big as 8 without moving tables. Throughout the restaurant, there were a few other dining areas, each with their own vibe.

Outdoor Dining Area

There are a few different outdoor dining areas at Paradiso 37. Each of them has a beautiful waterfront view. When it’s cold outside, they even have heaters to keep guests comfortable. Back inside, we have a few different bar areas — here is one of them!

Bar Area

In some areas,  there was a TON of natural light. We loved how this area looked with all of the natural daylight.

Look at that natural light!


Now that we’ve taken our seats, let’s take a look at the menu. Here, you’re going to find a wide variety of food options. Paradiso 37 specializes in foods from across the Americas, so you’ll be able to find a wide array of different dishes to choose from.

Food Options

The drink menu is located on the back of the food menu. Here, we can find a selection of margaritas and cocktails for you to enjoy. If you’re not looking for something alcoholic, they have a wide selection of coke products, iced teas, and coffees.

Alcoholic Beverage Options!

The Drinks

Now that we’ve taken our seats, let’s order some drinks! The server brought over some water and gave us a great cocktail recommendation. We were looking for something sweet but not too overpowering — and they pointed out the Down By The Bay cocktail, which is a mix of P37 premium vodka, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine for $15.

Down By The Bay

It turns out, this was a great recommendation. We wanted something fruity, and got just that!  It also has a lot of coconut flavor, which we enjoyed! Overall, the drink is super creamy and rich which was perfect for the piña colada vibes we were getting from this.

Down By The Bay

All of the grenadine sits at the bottom of this drink, and it is very sweet and offsets the richness very well. Just make sure you mix it around first! After a few sips, the pineapple really started showing through and it balanced out the flavor even more. We couldn’t even taste the alcohol in this drink — so if you order it, be careful!

The Eats

Now that we’ve gotten our drinks, let’s order some food! A few different appetizers sound delish to us right now, so let’s get them!

Our Spread

First up, we have the Mexican Crazy Corn. We have been BIG fans of this for a long time, and this visit was no different. This dish consists of corn on the cobb, chipotle mayo, cotija, Mexican spices, and queso blanco cheese. You can get it for $20.

Mexican Crazy Corn

We still LOVE this dish. The cheese on top of the corn was warm and gooey to start it all off. The chipotle mayo under the cheese has a great level of spice and provides a kick that feels necessary for a dish like this. The corn is perfectly cooked as well and serves as a great vessel for the cheese and mayo.

Mexican Crazy Corn

Next, we got the Big Smoke Poutine, which is made of house fries, brisket burnt ends, country gravy, cheese curds, cherry peppers, green onions, and Alabama white sauce. You can get it for $22.

Big Smoke Poutine

The fries were super crispy and crunchy — exactly what you want for a dish like this. They were topped with a whole mountain of things, so we knew that it was time to dig in.

Big Smoke Poutine

The brisket was seasoned really well and was super tender. It fell apart every time we went to put it on our fork. The cheese curds were fried and were super gooey when we tasted them — which we liked. The peppers added a nice level of spice and added a new texture to the dish as well. The sauces were a great way to top it all off and added a nice flavor component that had a nice kick to it — but don’t worry, it wasn’t too spicy. We enjoyed this dish, but if you don’t like textures that clash, maybe eat around the things that you’re not feeling. Overall, it was a super tasty dish and we would get it again.

Big Smoke Poutine

Now, it is time for the main course! We got the Peruvian A La Brasa Rotisserie Half Chicken, which came with half chicken, cilantro rice, and black beans with lime crema. It is on the menu for $29.

Peruvian A La Brasa Rotisserie Half Chicken

We got this dish and were excited to dig in. The chicken was good and tender. The skin was seasoned nicely and was crispy. We noticed that there wasn’t anything super unique about the flavor — it wasn’t bland, but also wasn’t anything to write home about. We decided to dip it in the lime crema. and it paired well and was a good addition to the chicken.

The Chicken

The black beans that came with this meal were your standard black beans. If you like black beans, you’ll enjoy it. They added some sour cream on top which we enjoyed, and it provided something light to add to the black bean flavor and saltiness it had.

Black Beans!

The cilantro rice was something we were honestly a little unsure about going in. However, it comes with a few different dishes on the menu so we wanted to give it a try. We enjoyed it, but if you don’t like cilantro (or have the gene that makes it taste like soap to you — so sorry if you do!) maybe ask to replace it with a different side. We enjoyed it overall but felt it needed a little something. We added a bit of pepper and felt that it gave it a fuller flavor and was exactly what it needed.

The Cliantro Lime Rice

Finally, we need something sweet! It looks like it is time for dessert.

Churro Donut

While all of the dessert options sound good, we went with the Mexico City Churro Donut. It is topped with cinnamon and sugar dusted, and topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce.  You can grab it for $12.00.

Is your mouth watering yet?

We were kind of obsessed with this. We love a fun take on a churro — especially at Disney. This was everything that you love about a churro, but in a donut form. It was very sweet and the ice cream added a great touch. There is chocolate and caramel sauce hidden underneath the donut, so make sure you don’t miss it when you’re eating it. The sauces provided a great source of flavor and we really enjoyed it — especially the caramel.

Nosh or Not?

We recommend trying Paradiso 37 if…

  • You’re at Disney Springs and looking for a place to grab some quick drinks and tapas
  • You want some waterfront dining without the crowding of other waterfront options
  • You enjoy a variety of different flavors and types of food
  • You want some good happy hour deals

You might want to skip Paradiso 37 if…

  • You want some familiar flavors or comfort food
  • You don’t want apps or desserts and are just looking for an entree
  • You’re looking for an upscale dining experience


We’ve had the same sentiments about Paradiso 37 for a long time. This is a solid choice for you if you’re looking for some good cocktails, tapas, and dessert — but we wished it would give us more.

Happy Hour Deals!

If you’re looking for some unique flavor profiles that would be harder to find in other places (like the cilantro rice), it is worth a try! If you’re looking for more familiar flavors, there are also a ton of other delicious spots at Disney Springs for you to try.

Outdoor bar

They have a lot of positives, like their happy hour specials, the spacious dining rooms, and the tequila wall. If you’re looking for a quick stop for some quick drinks and apps, this would be a fine stop. However, we still can’t fully recommend it for a full dinner when you have so many great options throughout Disney Springs. Even then, if you’re looking for dinner options and are coming up short, go ahead and give them a try for yourself!

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