REVIEW: Nuts About Cheese Booth at the 2024 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Published: February 29, 2024

We’ve been making our way through the 2024 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival! And we’re about to visit one of the booths we’re MOST excited about.

2024 Nuts About Cheese booth

That’s right, folks. The time has come, our raison dêtre has arrived and we are visiting the Nuts About Cheese food booth at 2024 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

Can you feel the anticipation in the air? Are you ready for all the nuts and cheese you can handle? We’re open to all of it, cheesy nuts and nutty cheeses — come on, Disney, lay it on us! This is our reason for existing!


Over at the Nuts About Cheese, just as the name suggests, you’ll find items showcasing nuts and cheeses.

2024 Menu

Do you see what we see? Yes, there is an item that lists cheese as an ingredient, but we can find mac and cheese anywhere. And how is Disney showcasing our under-represented friend, the nut? with two items that just have a nutty whisper to them?

As big, self-proclaimed cheese fans, we find ourselves disappointed in the menu that promises to be all about nuts and cheese, to be seriously lacking in both nuts and cheeses. But, let’s reserve judgment — maybe Disney really killed it with these dishes. Maybe they can redeem themselves.


First up, we grabbed the Big Bad BBQ Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese for $9.

Big Bad BBQ Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese with crispy dill pickle onions

This dish, as it claims, sports BBQ pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and is topped with crispy dill pickle onions.

BBQ Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese

Sooo… how does this mighty fine looking dish TASTE? Well, we found it to be VERY tasty. The pork is cooked nicely and tastes great on its own. It’s seasoned well and the tangy barbecue adds a very pleasant sweetness.

BBQ Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

The macaroni and cheese is creamy, delicious, and everything that good mac should be. Just make sure to get EVERYTHING in one bite to get a true explosion of flavor. (That might sound CHEESY but it’s true. 😉 ) $9 for mac and cheese is wild, but dare we say that this is worth it?

Next, we grabbed the Mickey-shaped Macaron for $7.75.

Mickey-shaped Macaron made with SNICKERS bar pieces


This dessert is a macaron made with SNICKERS bar pieces.

Mickey-Shaped Macaron

Let’s look at all of the things we love about this. We love Mickey-shaped anything. We love macarons. We love SNICKERS candy bars. We even might love this fun combination of all of these things. But do we love it at this booth?

Mickey-Shaped Macaron

Well, it definitely tastes like Snickers! The whole dessert is super heavy and overpowering. It isn’t at all light like a typical macaron. The ganache just totally dominates the taste. Like, we were a few bites into this one and needed a DRANK. The crunch of the nuts was nice, though. Yep, the ONLY NUTS THAT ARE AT THIS NUTS AND CHEESE BOOTH. Anyway, we wouldn’t get this again, but if you can tolerate super rich, decadent chocolate desserts, this might be for you.

Mickey-shaped Macaron made with SNICKERS bar pieces

This is the NUTS and CHEESE booth. There is hardly any cheese in this beautiful traitor. And the nuts? The pieces of SNICKERS bar offer the most subtle whisper of peanut. A ghostly presence of a nut, barely a nutty impression. This dessert could’ve been so much more! Give us peanut brittle-infused cheesecake, a mini pecan pie, cannoli with sweet ricotta and toasted macadamia nuts. The options are endless and vastly more creative. But Disney opted for the simple, the safe, and Instagrammable (because Mickey-shaped desserts are still adorable).

Let’s move on to the drink!


In terms of drinks on this menu, we got the PB&J Whiskey Shake for $16.

PB&J Whiskey Shake

Redemption, is thy name PB&J Whiskey Shake? It could be! Let’s look at the ingredients! It’s made with Peanut butter whiskey, raspberry liqueur, vanilla ice cream, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. Mexico Origin Coffee, and peanut butter & raspberry syrups, garnished with a raspberry.

PB&J Whiskey Shake

Ok, of all of the menu items here, this one may just do justice to showcasing the NUT portion of the Nuts About Cheese claim. Peanut butter whiskey and actual peanut butter in the cocktail could help this infusion of nuttiness overpower the other intense flavors going on like raspberry and coffee. But raspberry and coffee are STRONG flavors! We honestly wish we tasted the raspberry more. The coffee flavor totally takes over. It’s good, but not worth the price. $16 for this tiny drink is theft.


Are each of these individual items good? Yep. Would we be happy to order them and eat them any ol’ time of the year? Sure. But do they belong at the NUTS ABOUT CHEESE booth? No way. When you claim to be nuts about cheese (and we are the President of the Cheese 🧀 fan club), we expect some bold cheesy power-players to be headlining the booth! We would come back for the Mac and Cheese, but that’s about it. Save your money on the rest of it.

Full Spread 2024

That’s it for this booth, but there’s a LOT more where that came from!

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