REVIEW: A Popular EPCOT Restaurant Has 2 NEW Menu Items for the Flower & Garden Festival!

Published: February 28, 2024

Connections Cafe & Eatery is a standard quick service location in EPCOT, but they have something special for this year’s 2024 Flower & Garden Festival.

Connections Cafe & Eatery

Come with us to see what Connections Cafe & Eatery has to offer for the park’s springtime celebration! Come by here while enjoying the Festival’s famous Disney topiaries, garden displays, and entertainment. Are these festival eats worth the stop? Let’s find out.

Let’s take a look at what’s new this year and what’s returning to Connections Cafe & Eatery for the Flower & Garden Festival!


At Connections Cafe & Eatery, we spy a cute returning treat and two new items! If you’ve got an appetite, Connections Cafe has you covered with its Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.

Connections Menu

Looking for a new sip? Try the Blood Orange-Hibiscus Margarita!

Connections Menu

The Orange Bird Liege Waffle is back!

Connections Menu

Let’s dig in!


First up, we grabbed a new item, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.

Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

This is a Southern-fried chicken sandwich with hot honey and pickles on a brioche bun and served with fries.

Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is really good, but there is a catch — it’s not hot! Not even “Disney-hot”! When we tried it, we didn’t taste even the slightest amount of heat, which could be a benefit for some risk-averse eaters.

Looking for that promised heat…

Our chicken could’ve been a little crispier in some parts, but overall, we thought it was very tasty! The sandwich is dripping in honey which makes it super sweet and incredibly flavorful. The pickles on the bottom and the mix of veggies and slaw on top provide delightful flavors as well as an excellent crunch texture, all while giving the sandwich a nice freshness.


Overall, we thought this was one of the better options on the Connections menu and is a full meal in a festival where full meals are hard to find. You can grab this tasty dish for $12.49.

Next up, we grabbed the adorable returning Orange Bird Liege Waffle.

Orange Bird Liege Waffle

The Liege Waffle is a staple at this location, but for the Flower and Garden Festival, it gets an Orange Bird makeover! The Orange Bird Liege Waffle is back from last year’s festival.

Last year, we thought it deserved points for style because it is CUTE, but in terms of flavor — it’s…well…kinda just your regular Liege waffle. That’s not necessarily a “bad” thing because the liege waffle is one of our favorite breakfast-y treats in EPCOT, thanks to that yummy brioche dough.

Orange Bird Liege Waffle

We actually enjoyed this little guy a bit more this year! The treat is pretty sweet but the waffle is incredibly light and fluffy — like eating a cloud! The icing was also sweet but not overwhelming and the sprinkles texture are fine, but neither help nor harm the treat overall. We would still recommend the Liege waffle with starwberries over this one, but it’s still pretty good.

You can grab it for $4.19.

And to go along with your dishes…


In terms of drinks on this menu, we’ve got one new item to sip on! We’re trying the Blood Orange Hibiscus Margarita.

Blood Orange Hibiscus Margarita

This cocktail is made with Teremana Tequila with hibiscus, blood orange syrup, and orange juice.

Blood Orange Hibiscus Margarita

The margarita is a mix of interesting flavors (in a good way) and hides the alcohol well enough to make it more accessible to people who don’t want to be overwhelmed with the taste of alcohol in their drinks. It’s very light and refreshing, but does some have tartness due to the blood orange. It still has that taste of alcohol, but this could be one of the lighter drinks you find at the festival.

You can grab this margarita for $15.


Connections Cafe & Eatery does just enough with its festival offerings this year to satisfy both the appetite and the palate. While nothing is standout, these Flower & Garden offerings are tasty and made even better by the fact that they are readily available via mobile order. If you stop by Connections to give these new (and returning) snacks a try, leave your review in the comments below!

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