Polynesian Village DVC Tower Update: Painting & Pool Progress

Published: February 5, 2024

After a quick visit to Magic Kingdom this morning, we decided to check in on the Disney Vacation Club tower being built at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. While the structure itself is substantially complete, there is still quite a bit of work to be done before it opens later this year. As we’ll soon see, large-scale painting efforts are underway for the exterior, while the interior still remains to be built out beyond studs.

Before we jump into photos of the painting and construction, here’s a look at the only piece of concept art released for the timeshare tower so far. This vantage point of the hotel is pretty much from the overlook staircase at the Tuvalu longhouse. We’ll take a closer look at the pool work from that overlook in a minute, but we’ll start with an overview of the current painting work taking place.

As with most of our recent updates, a ride along Seven Seas Lagoon on the hotel-to-hotel watercraft provides the best view of the ongoing work before a closer look from within the Polynesian Village Resort grounds. As we can see in the photo below, the majority of the painting work taking place is on the north wing of the hotel.

Allowing the watercraft to continue past the Grand Floridian wedding pavilion in the foreground, we can get a better look at the dirt-to-sky painting taking place.

Here’s a wider look at the tower, which will continue to be enveloped in scaffolding as crews make quick work of the tan and wood paint scheme before adding more theming to the structure.

Some early theming that has been in place for a couple of weeks now is the overhang for the penthouse suites. On the opposite side of the building, the overhang is being completed with a metal roof. On the theme park view side of the building, we can simply see the outline of the themed overhang.

Here’s a quick view from the aforementioned Tuvalu overlook.

Here’s a look at the painting progress from the grounds of the Polynesian Village Resort.

Before we get to the pool, here are a few photos of the ongoing ground-level work.

Two-story lobby

A peek inside the building shows that there are still metal studs in place, and it looks like some ductwork staged nearby.

Finally, here’s a look at the pool. First, here’s a closer look at the pool as seen in the previously released concept art.

And here’s a look at the latest work from earlier today.

There was some work taking place over near where the Moana-themed splash pad will be located.

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