No One’s Talking About This WEIRD Coincidence With Former Disney Imagineers’ NEW Theme Park

Published: February 29, 2024

There are several new theme parks in the works in the U.S.

©American Heartland

We’ve been talking a LOT recently about Universal’s Epic Universe, as well as another experience Universal has planned for Texas. But we also recently told you about a theme park being built right in the middle of the U.S. called American Heartland which is being built by former Disney Imagineers. But the more we think about this new theme park, the more we’re noticing that it’s sounding a lot like, well…a Disney Park.

American Heartland will be built across 1,000 acres and will include a theme park, a water park, a large RV park with cabins, a dinner theater, an amphitheater, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and more. The theme park will span 125 acres of that property, which makes it about the size of Magic Kingdom at Disney World. It’s also expected to open in the fall of 2026.

©American Heartland

But this theme park might have even MORE in common with Magic Kingdom, as well as Disneyland than you might think. So we recently got more details about the six lands the park would have. While we were looking over that information, we thought, “Hmmm… this sounds familiar.”

For example, one of the lands is Liberty Village, where you will “walk the streets of this charming American town, where friendly shopkeepers are always glad to see you, and hard-working residents welcome you into their bustling daily life.” The description sounds almost identical to Main Street, U.S.A., but we’re getting Liberty Square references, too, both from the name and, well, this — something that looks a LOT like the Liberty Bell is in the concept art.

©American Heartland

Big Timber Falls is already sounding a LOT like Frontierland. The description includes things like “a rugged American adventure full of rushing rivers, soaring peaks, and ancient legends.” It also says, “all throughout this bold land, you’ll find bravery, brawn, and inspiration.” This land also includes a log flume ride that could be very similar to what was once Splash Mountain.

©American Heartland

Bayou Bay
almost feels like an extension of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. It’s described as “a swampy hideaway where you can find mystery, magic (calling Dr. Facilier!), and some of the cutest critters this side of the Mississippi.” As far as food goes, gumbo is mentioned, but there’s also a mention of Zyedeco music and gator-filled waters. Rides will include a Swamp Thrill Ride, a Pirates Stunt show (hello, Pirates of the Caribbean), a Voodoo House, and something called Critter Tales.

©American Heartland

Then there’s Electropolis, which immediately gives us Tomorrowland vibes. It’s described as “a bright, bold vision of the American age of innovation.” Even the concept art gives off Tomorrowland vibes. Check out this area called Electro City.

©American Heartland

Electropolis also offers a “peak into the future” (yes, we think “peek” was misspelled here on purpose by American Heartland). But that’s literally what Tomorrowland is about, too — it’s a vision of the future. These two visions also have very similar retro-futuristic designs.

©American Heartland

The Great Plains land will feature Native American traditions and stories. Although the land will also have a barnstormer attraction and a Charlotte’s Web-inspired experience, the Native American aspect makes us think of an abandoned Disney theme park once known as Disney’s America. Many ideas were thrown out for this theme park that never was, but one idea was an experience based on Native American traditions and stories.

However, some of the concept art for the Great Plans is also giving us Living with the Land vibes (okay, it’s the farmhouse).

©American Heartland

Imagine if Disney’s Yacht Club Resort were made into a land. It might very well be like American Heartland’s Stony Point Harbor, which is inspired by a typical coastal town. However, this version of a coastal town has a search for a legendary sea monster and a haunted lighthouse.

©American Heartland

Now, it makes sense that so many of these ideas seem like things Disney has either done or, at the very least, thought of. This project is being created by former Imagineers, who could not have helped but be influenced by their previous jobs. As they say, “everything old is new again,” so we’ll have to see if American Heartland can create something NEW that could even appeal to avid Disney Parks fans.

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