Newly Appointed Disney Live Action Boss David Greenbaum Thinks Less Is More

Published: March 2, 2024

We might finally get some good news about Disney’s seemingly endless live-action remakes of animated classics. According to Puck News, the new President Disney Live Action and 20th Century Studios, David Greenbaum, thinks that sometimes films don’t need to exist.

Greenbaum, who was the co-president of Searchlight, is moving up into the position that Sean Bailey held. Bailey is famously the one behind all the live-action “reimaginings” of Disney films. Those films aren’t performing all that well anymore. In fact, most Disney fans are getting sick of them.

According to Puck News, Greenbaum seems to have a different approach when it comes to deciding what films get made. He allegedly asks the important question, “Does this movie need to exist?”

It’s also worth noting that Bailey was allegedly shopping around for a new place to jump to recently. His Disney contract was set to expire in 2025, yet he seemed to want out sooner.  However, it seems Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, may have pushed him to jump earlier than expected. Disney needs a shift as their Marvel superhero films aren’t performing along with live-action remakes. Bailey was proud of his parade of remakes that clearly aren’t working.

What is performing are films like “Barbie,” and while “Poor Things” is not raking in a ton of cash, it is winning many awards. Maybe Iger is looking for someone to start making more creative films to appeal to audiences where they are moving in 2024. 

Don’t get me wrong, Iger is already announcing a “Moana 2,” “Frozen 3,” and “Toy Story 5,” so he clearly is fine with milking franchises, but those are geared more toward kids and families. Disney might need more than that to bring in the box office wins necessary to perform for investors.

One thing is certain: audiences are seemingly moving on from the live-action remakes of animated films. Especially when the original incarnation of the film is so much better than the live-action version. Sometimes you don’t need another “Little Mermaid” or a live-action “Bambi” film. (Seriously, who thought making a live-action “Bambi” was a good idea? Other than Sean Bailey?)

Less might be more. Someone definitely needs to be asking if a film “needs to exist.”

Now, can we do something about Kathleen Kennedy?

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Source: Puck News

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