Multiple Parts of Disney World’s Fantasyland Are Mysteriously SHUT DOWN

Published: February 25, 2024

So it’s no secret that sometimes things just close in Disney World.


Sometimes, those closures are part of Disney’s refurbishment schedule, and we know about it WAY ahead of time. Other times, the weather can shut down rides. Sometimes things just…well, shut down without any apparent reason. Well, that seems to be happening ALL over Fantasyland — and WE HAVE QUESTIONS.

So when we wandered into Magic Kingdom today (February 25th) and ended up in Fantasyland, one of the first things we noticed was a ride closure. For some unannounced reason, “it’s a small world” was closed. We spoke with some Cast Members who told us the ride had already been down for at least an hour and that they were working on some technical issues inside the ride. We were also told it wouldn’t be open anytime soon, though Cast Members could not share a specific reopening timeline.

But hey, we can imagine some parents might be grateful for this closure if their kids insist on riding it over and over. 😉


After that, we continued our stroll through Fantasyland. We reached The Friar’s Nook, and more than half of the restaurant was closed. We spoke with a Cast Member there, and they were unaware of why it was partially closed but assured us they were working on resolving it soon. So, if you wanted some of those yummy tots they have there, you might have to wait a little longer.

Partially closed

So yes, it seems like Fantasyland was having some problems in the morning. Listen, we get it; it usually takes us a trip to Starbucks to get really going on a weekend morning, but we hope these problems are resolved soon. We did check, and “it’s a small world” has reopened (sorry to those of you hoping it would stay down all day!).

But, hey, at least it wasn’t a bear that closed things down this time! Now, THAT was a wild time!

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