Madame Web Reviews Are Far From Positive!

Published: February 14, 2024

Oh, no! Who could have seen this coming?! Madame Web is currently sitting at 19% on Rotten Tomatoes! Even the top critics aren’t coming to S.J. Clarkson’s female-led Spider-Man-Adjacent movie! One even calls it Cats: The Movie of the superhero genre!

Image Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Jeremy Jahns introduced his review of Madame Web, calling it “Morbin’ Time without all the memeablility.” Not even meme status could save Sony’s Morbius … so that’s a bad sign. That is funny, considering two of the writers behind Morbius also wrote Madame Web

However, you never know what the general audience is going to do. People came out in droves for those terrible Transformers movies. So, maybe Sydney Sweeney’s beauty and awesome rack will bring all the boys to the box office.

Considering that this movie is being dropped on St. Valentine’s Day and Sony’s track record with other non-Spider-Man Spider-Universe flicks, I’d be willing to bet that not many people are going to sit through what looks like a two-hour-long CW episode.

The trailer made it clear that this movie would be a mess, but we’ve all seen marketing departments fail to do a film justice. Madame Web, though, does not appear to be a victim of that kind of screwup

Not even meme status could turn this into a so-bad-it’s-good. The studio sure did try that tactic, though. The forced “viral” meme also tried to capitalize on how Dakota Johnson delivered the script’s stilted dialog. 

From what I’ve heard from fellow writers, the movie is pretty shallow. The Spider-Women (Spider-Ladies?) are about as fleshed out as most human characters in a Transformers flick. They were also confused about whether Sony wanted to entice young men to see the film or if it was a misfire to appease the female crowd. It ultimately appealed to no one.

[Source: Rotten Tomatoes]

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