Madame Web Ratings Drop Below Morbius

Published: February 18, 2024

It was clear from the first trailer that 2024’s Madame Web would likely underperform at the box office. ‘Madame Web’ is SONY’s latest installment in their “Spider-Verse,” and both critics and audiences have already ripped the film apart. Since its release on Wednesday (which was Valentine’s Day), the film has since reportedly made only $8.2 million at the box office. 

Now, the film has crossed a threshold, but not one that SONY would have liked. At the time of writing this article, the film currently sits at only 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. That makes it currently the lowest-rated Spider-Verse film, with 2022’s Morbius taking second place with 15%.

The film is number 17 on Rotten Tomato’s “37 worst superhero movies of all time” list. The film is above selections such as Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Steel, Electra and Fant4stic but is below Morbius, Dark Phoenix, Judge Dredd, Green Lantern, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The film was heavily criticized for its hard-to-follow story, poor editing, inconsistent acting, and little to no chemistry between the cast. 

The film’s poor reception may put the future plans of SONY’s Spider-Verse in jeopardy. Their next film, Kraven the Hunter, is set for August 30th, with a third Venom film also in development. The Bad Bunny lead El Muerto film was apparently canceled due to the 2023 Hollywood strikes. Aside from that, future plans included Silk, Nightwatch, Jackpot, Black Cat and more.

Hopefully, SONY will be able to learn from this as they will most likely try to salvage whatever they can from this project to continue their efforts in creating a cinematic universe. 

What do you think? Is Madame Web deserving of the negative reception it is receiving? Was it better or worse than Morbius? Let us know.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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