Madame Web Fails to Beat Morbius’ Box Office After Two Weeks

Published: February 25, 2024

Madame Web Couldn't Beat Morbius' opening weekend box office after two weeks!

This isn’t at all surprising. After nearly two weeks since its release, Sony and S. J. Clarkson’s Madame Web still has not beaten 2022’s Morbius at the box office.

The disastrous take of the Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney superhero film was reported on by It was revealed that the global take of Madame Web was only $77.4 million as opposed to Morbuis’ first-weekend take of $83.9 million.

While the Jared Leto vampire Spider-Man spinoff film had some meme magic that kept it going to $167.5M, Cassandra “Cassie” Webb had no such luck, even though the studio allegedly tried. The movie also fell short with critics, arriving at a lower Rotten Tomatoes score than the competing Spider-Universe flick. 

2024 is shaping up to be another disappointing year for Marvel on film. There may be yet another flop on the way for the Spider-Man-less Spider-Man films.

Kraven the Hunter will be released this October, but it is apparent that people want the Web Head in movies that take place in his universe. 

Madame Web could have garnered some buzz if it had some connection with any of the three silver screen Spideys, but it failed to add a post-credit scene linking them together by some sort of thread. The film’s director thinks the movie didn’t need a post-credit scene

It’s hard to pinpoint what led to the dismal turnout for this picture. It may have been the marketing, especially the trailer. It showcased the clunky dialog and practically showed all of the footage of the Spider-Women in costume. 

Word of mouth most likely was the biggest detractor. It was quickly revealed that the trio of future Spider-Ladies never get their powers on screen, and all of the action scenes were a dream sequence. That probably drove away many superhero fans. 

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