Jonathan Majors Accused of Abuse By Two More Women and Former Collegues

Published: February 10, 2024

Jonathan Majors was found guilty in two of the four charges against him last December for the alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Since then, he has been claiming that he is innocent and that he has “never struck a woman.” Now, the ex-Marvel actor is being accused of abuse by two other women. 

The New York Times has put out an article outlining the claims of abuse by his ex-girlfriends and co-workers that were gathered by the prosecution.

According to the New York Times, former girlfriends Emma Duncan, who claims she was engaged to the actor from 2015-2019, and Maura Hooper, who dated him from 2013-2015, are now accusing the actor of physical and emotional abuse.

Ms. Duncan claims that Majors choked her, threw her around, and bruised her, while Ms. Hooper claims emotional abuse. The news outlet says the women describe the actor as “a controlling, threatening figure who isolated them from friends and career pursuits.

Emma Duncan’s claims.

Throughout the article, The Times cites “examples” of abuse that include Ms. Duncan being threatened, choked, thrown across a room, and shoved into a mailbox. There are also claims of Majors threatening to kill himself or telling Duncan to kill herself. Duncan also alleges that Majors destroyed her belongings and had an affair. 

Maura Hooper’s claims.

Ms. Hooper claims that Majors scheduled her for an abortion and then did not pick her up, so she had to walk home. She also claimed he had an affair, and he would threaten to kill himself to her as well. After a while, she ended the relationship. Hooper also claims he called her up later when she was dating someone else, where he verbally berated her. 

His attorney usually would respond on behalf of Majors claiming he profoundly regrets his actions, but usually indicated the women were also at fault. In other instances, she denies it entirely. You can read more about the specifics in the original article

It seems that the women’s testimony was submitted before the trial, but the judge decided not to allow them into evidence. However, The Times did get copies of the statements that came from “multiple friends of the women, in whom they confided, as well as by contemporaneous journal entries, text messages, photos and, in Ms. Hooper’s case, medical records.”

Former colleagues also reported issues.

The New York Times also interviewed 20 former colleagues from the HBO series “Lovecraft Country,” where they allegedly told stories of “confrontations with female co-workers that led them to complain to the network.”

In the article, Majors was described as being “a buddy” to male workers, but he “could be testy and prone to argument” with female ones. This led to a claim that “women on set warned one another to tread carefully around him,” which was repeated by “multiple people.”

The Time article lists testimony from named “victims,” recounting various instances where they felt threatened by the actor. Multiple women have given testimony, and it seems that other witnesses backed up several accounts. It apparently got so bad that three women complained to HBO, and they advised him to apologize, which he did. 

There seem to be a lot of women coming out to claim that Jonathan Majors has made moves to abuse them in some way. At this time, none of these claims have been substantiated in court. They are just accusations. The claims were based on interviews by the prosecution before the trial that were not used in his trial. 

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