It’s Only February and Disney Has Already Dropped 7 INCREDIBLE Popcorn Buckets

Published: February 17, 2024

We could go on for days about our love for Disney merch and souvenirs — specifically popcorn buckets.


These little guys can be quite the hot topic and really cause some chaos so when we realized that Disney’s put out quite the collection of these we really questioned if we were ONLY 2 months into the year!

Disney isn’t always known for putting out some knock-out merchandise but so far this year they seem to have upped their game in one particular category.

Popcorn Cart

Ok, actually it may have started a bit before the calendar turned to 2024, but since January, Disney’s released some pretty stellar popcorn designs. Let’s take a closer look at everything that’s released so far!

Tiana Popcorn Bucket

We’re unofficially calling this one the “Tiana” bucket because it’s got a bright green lid and handle and has a lot of Tiana (and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure) elements to the design. She’s not the only character sported on this popcorn bucket though!

Disney World souvenir popcorn bucket

This bucket replaced the previous souvenir design that you can pick up as the general souvenir popcorn bucket around various popcorn carts all over Disney World. You’ll also spot Simba, Mickey, and a few other park icons around the outside wraparound design!

Figment Festival of the Arts Popcorn Bucket

The first EPCOT festival of the year brought us an imaginative popcorn bucket! This spectacular design featured the Imagination! pavilion complete with Figment inside!

Figment is inside!

It also wowed us when we realized it lit up in various colors and came stuffed with colorful candy-coated popcorn.

Mickey & Minnie Balloon Popcorn Bucket

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that Disney chose to go all out for this year and released a brand new popcorn bucket featuring our favorite couple!

THE popcorn bucket to have right now

The iconic Disney Mickey balloon design was coated in a sparkling pink background with a deeper pink silhouette of the dynamic duo being the cute sweethearts they are!

Chip ‘n Dale Basket Popcorn Bucket

Spring is right around the corner already — can you believe it? And with that, you guessed it, ANOTHER popcorn bucket design!


Disney has released Chip ‘n Dale hanging out in an Easter basket design as the popcorn bucket we can expect to hit the parks next. (And we’re counting down the days until we can add this one to our collections.

Lunar New Year Popcorn Bucket

Whoever at Disney decided to go this hard for the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon, deserves all the kudos!


A Mushu popcorn bucket was released in early February exclusive to the celebration. The round design features Mulan’s trust guardian front and center (deserving of all the attention headed his way this year), But, before you get too ahead of yourself, you need to know you’ll only be able to snag this one in Shanghai Disneyland for now.

Groot Popcorn Bucket

We’ve got a feeling that once you lay eyes on this one your popcorn bucket game will never be the same! Groot in his more child-like form is featured in one of the newest designs to be released by Disney.


This incredible bucket features Groot jamming out to (probably) Starlord’s awesome mixtape with an old-school cassette and headphones with his roots firmly planted. Alas though, if this one has you hooked you better make a run for Hong Kong Disneyland because that is where we’ve spotted this design so far!

We tried to tell you! Disney just seems to be amping up their popcorn bucket designs with every release! We’re curious to see what else Disney has waiting in the wings to show off later in the year, so be sure to stay tuned with us for the latest Disney updates, changes, and releases!

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Which recent Disney popcorn bucket release has been your favorite? Tell us what’s on your list in the comments below!

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