Is the LEGO Tangled Flower A Real Set?

Published: February 7, 2024

I have seen people talking about the flower from ‘Tangled’ as a set from LEGO. Finally, I saw what they were talking about. I am sorry to report that it’s not real.

If this is the flower “set” people try to find, they will be disappointed as it’s an AI-generated image. This set and others appear on the Flowers.brick TikTok page but they look generated. 

There are some telltale signs that it is not real.

  1. The Lego logo isn’t even clear or correct. In the actual logo, the letters are the same size and spacing. Here, the “L” looks cut off, and the “G” is out of proportion.

2. When you put LEGOs together, they are rectangles with uniform circles to lock in place. You can clearly see various sizes of circular shapes, as well as some other shapes and swirls. 

3. It is supposed to say “Disney” on the box, but it’s clearly blurred and off-model from an actual Disney logo. 

The reason it’s so believable is likey because LEGO has been doing a lot of flora and fauna sets lately. LEGO also makes many Disney sets, including “Tangled” ones. But this particular “set” is not real. 

I too wish it were. It would be amazing. 

Perhaps this could give LEGO an idea for something that could be in demand if they created it. 

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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