Is ‘Indiana Jones And The Great Circle’ Coming To PlayStation 5?

Published: February 5, 2024

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed an upcoming first-party developed game for both Xbox Series X/S and PC, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The game is being brought to us through the Xbox subsidiary studio Bethesda, the same publisher behind The Ender Scrolls, Doom, and Fallout. This is the first Indiana Jones video game to be first person.

But will this title come to PlayStation 5? 

Current rumors indicate that it may.

Many Xbox fans were excited about the announcement as it was a game based on a popular I.P. being made specifically for Xbox. Disney has developed a strong partnership with SONY/Insomniac Games for developing multiple PlayStation-exclusive Marvel titles, so Xbox having a Disney-owned IP as an exclusive felt like a massive win.

However, it appears that Xbox players may not be the only ones to get access to this game after all, at least for a certain period of time. 

Recently, rumblings have been made that multiple Xbox-exclusive titles such as Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and even the upcoming Indiana Jones game will eventually make their way over to PlayStation, possibly even on Nintendo’s platform(s).

The report stems from a popular rumor that Xbox head Phil Spencer is slowly turning the Xbox brand from a console business to a cloud gaming service, with Xbox Game Pass being their big focus. And with Microsoft reportedly shutting down its internal physical game development division, the rumors of an all-digital future are slowly being realized. 

If Microsoft does indeed go from making Xbox consoles to becoming a digital game service, they may not see platforms such as PlayStation or Nintendo as direct competition and would be more than willing to let games that they develop appear on other systems to try and get a piece of the market through game releases. 

What do you think? Will Indiana Jones, the Great Circle, and other Xbox exclusives be coming to PlayStation? Or is everyone overthinking things? Let us know.

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