Is Disney Putting Urinals In Women’s Bathrooms at The Theme Parks?

Published: February 11, 2024

A new Disney story has people wondering if it’s true or not. This time a story alleges that Disney plans to put urinals in the Women’s restrooms across their theme parks to make them more inclusive. 

But is it true?


This story, like most of the great ones, comes from Mouse Trap News. The website is considered satirical or parody. 

In their story, they claim that the Walt Disney Company plans to add urinals to all the women’s bathrooms in the theme parks to make it more inclusive. This is not currently the case. 

The story claims Disney will remove bathroom stalls to add the urinals. They also make it sound more plausible by discussing how women are worried the lines will get longer. They also add a “quote” from a “Disney Spokesperson”‘ that says, “Adding urinals to the women’s restroom provides a safer and more inclusive atmosphere for everyone.” However, many people see potential problems with this. In fact, many are wondering who will actually be using these new urinals.”

No one. Because they aren’t real. 

Don’t panic. Stalls will be more effective in keeping the space safe for those needing to use the women’s restroom. 

If you want a good laugh, check out Mouse Trap News because they are amazing at making satirical Disney content. 

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Source: Mouse Trap News

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