Ian McDiarmid Comments On The Emperor’s “Love Life”

Published: February 16, 2024

Whenever there is a massive franchise with lots of characters, it is always fun to imagine certain things about those characters. What is their history? What abilities do they possess? Are they good or evil? Star Wars is no exception with dozens of characters getting extensive histories and backstories in the extended universe. 

However, sometimes someone asks a certain question that makes others either wince. Certain questions that just thinking about could ruin your lunch. One of those is, “Does Darth Sidious ever get laid?

While it is true that being an emperor with complete authority over the galaxy, it isn’t out of the question that he may have one or more mistresses or even concubines. But the idea of a man like that, given his physical appearance after being electrocuted, makes one’s stomach turn.

But interestingly enough, in a recent interview with Empire Magazine, actor Ian McDiarmid, the man who played the character from 1983 – 2019, actually commented on the matter, just in time for Valentine’s Day. He stated:

But yes, he does [have sex]. It’s a horrible idea to think of Palpatine having sex in any shape or form. But then, of course, perhaps he didn’t.

Maybe it’s all to do with midi-chlorians. And don’t ask me what those are. Never trust your granddaughter. That’s the T-shirt Palpatine got made. Shortly after his death.

Perhaps he says that he does because his defective clone had Rey as a daughter; thus, he technically did it through a clone. But who knows? Despite the comment likely being sort of a joke, some hardcore fans might take it as canon now.

But what do you think? Does Ian McDiarmid have the authority to make statements about his character? Is it a joke? Do you count it as canon? Let us know.

Source: IGN

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