Here are 5 MORE Disney Vloggers to Watch

Published: September 15, 2020

A little while ago we posted a list of, what we thought, were the top 5 Disney Vloggers on YouTube, Click Here to view that post.  To this day, that is our one singular most popular post (Thank You!!!).

Overwhelmingly, most comments chose Tim Tracker as their most popular.

Well, let’s take a look at some of the other Disney Vloggers who have become quite popular


Midway to Main Street – Rob Plays


Midway to Main Street – Rob Plays Rob’s videos are quite different than the typical Disney Vlogger.  Most Disney Vloggers do that, actually vlog about or in the parks themselves.  Rob’s videos are more about why Disney did certain things or why certain rides were closed or not even built in the first place.  His vlogs are very informative and must take quite a bit of research to both gather and check the facts and information that he is giving.  His presentation style is very comforting and makes you feel like a friend is talking to you.  If you are interested in the behind the scenes aspect of Disney and how things are done and the history of the parks, I truly recommend the Rob Plays channel on YouTube.

Beyond the Kingdoms


Beyond the Kingdoms features Dave who brings information about everything in Walt Disney World.  From food to rides, news and information.  This is a very well produced vlog with colorful graphics and animations.  Beyond the Kingdoms features videos dating back to October 4, 2016.  My only concern with this channel is that there have been no new vlogs posted since July 3, 2020. 

Disney in Detail


Victoria and Ian are from the UK and offer quite a bit of Disney information in their vlogs.  Their YouTube Channel offers vlogs from the parks as well as podcast-style live broadcasts where they interact with their viewers.  This channel is very light-hearted and you feel comfortable watching this channel.  Disney in Detail also offers a Blog, Twitter and Facebook Social Media accounts so that you are able to follow them daily.

( is a website that gives information about all of the theme parks in the Orlando area.  The vlogs that they publish on their YouTube channel are very informative and very well produced.  This channel has been around for over eleven years and has covered just about every event in the Orlando theme parks.  Currently their videos have two correspondents, Mageaux who does the in-studio videos and Molly who does the in-the-park vlog-style videos.  If you watch the videos with Molly, they can be quite funny with her puns and comments.  All in all,’s videos are very entertaining to watch.


The WDW Couple


Josh & Taylor are daily vloggers that moved to central Florida.  Their videos are of just about anything Disney World from new rides and lands to tips and tricks to save time and money in the parks.  Their energetic personalities make the videos fun to watch and make you feel as though you are in the park with them.  Take a moment to view a couple of their vlogs and let me know if you feel the same.

So there you have it, our next top 5 Disney Vloggers.  Let me know what you think and let us know if there are any vloggers out there that you beleive that we should take a peek at.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and we hope that you really enjoyed this post.