Don’t Be Fooled by This VIRAL Disney TikTok

Published: February 19, 2024

Just because something is on the Internet does not make it true.

Disney Wish

That’s right. Now, we spend a lot of time debunking myths about Disney World or about the Disney company in general (no, Walt Disney was NOT cryogenically frozen). Now we know that there are some Internet hoaxes, though, that seem VERY real, and we found one that might have fooled a lot of folks. 

A TikTok user posted a video that seems both hilarious and terrifying, claiming that it’s 1:30AM and that a Disney Cruise Line ship horn, which blasts the tune of “When You Wish Upon A Star,” is broken and just playing over and over again…loudly. You can see the video below.


When you wish upon a star 📢‼‼ #cruiseship #cruise

♬ original sound – Robert Tolppi

Honestly, this IS the stuff of nightmares, but we think a little knowledge of how the horns work is in order. On most cruise ships, there’s just one air horn, but Disney Cruise Line has multiple air horns, each programmed to a specific musical note so that a group of those notes can form part of a song. A control panel on the ship allows the Captain and crew to choose which series of notes to play, hence the song. Every Disney cruise ship can play “Wish Upon A Star,” but other ships also play a series of notes from other songs.

Disney Wish

Let’s just say it’s highly unlikely that the horns can get stuck because they’re actually multiple horns set to play through the series of notes once. That’s it. It’s just not likely to get stuck, and if it did, you can guarantee Disney has a way to stop it quickly. Also, if you listen to the “announcement” on the video, it doesn’t resemble the kinds of announcements you’d hear on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Magic

We think this is probably just a parody video, so if that is the case, it is pretty funny. But please don’t think this could happen on a Disney Cruise and don’t let this scare you off from taking a Disney Cruise in the future.

Helmsman Mickey on the Disney Magic

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