Do Disney Parks Have a “Hug Rule?” What Is It?

Published: February 21, 2024

A lot of people have been asking if it’s true that Disney Parks have a “hug rule.” The story behind the “hug rule” is that costumed Cast Members are told that they are not to break a hug from a guest until the guest breaks from the hug first.

However, it isn’t an actual “rule,” so not all Cast Members will let you hug indefinitely. I’m sure this could be abused by some individuals. I would think the Cast Member handlers might have to step in at some point as others are also waiting a turn to see the character. 

But the idea is super sweet. I’m sure there are times when Cast Members can tell someone needs that extra bit of love. 

(My daughter’s first trip to WDW)

The “hug rule” came to light after a TikTok video by @thedisneybarbie.

In her post, she explains the rule, saying:

@thedisneybarbie I didn’t know this until late last year when I was told that it’s the characters practice to never let go of the child’s hug first and to allow the child to hug as long as they want . I don’t know if this is 💯 True but it has been true for us and everyone else I know ❤ and I love this rule because she loves long hugs 🤗 and they make the sweetest moments !!! Thankyou Disney for embracing these moments with our babies ❤ #disney #disneymom #disneymoments #disneymagic #disneymemories #pixiedust #mickey #mickeymouse #hug #longhugs #disneysecrets #disneyparks ♬ When She Loved Me – Lyn Lapid

While this rule is not official, some Cast Members have chimed in and said that it is true. 

“As a former Minnie Mouse, it is true” – Frankie Ann

“As an old Disney character, (I was Snow White) a little girl came up and hugged me for 4, minutes straight, I was tearing up so much mom had to come.” – summer

“I sometimes don’t say I performed there, I say I hugged professionally for 6 years because honestly, that was so much more important than any parade.”-TheCardinalKaos

“As a former Daisy Duck, this is true.” – Jada Wayda

“Fyp Disney Cast Member 10 years, it’s true.”- Rainbow Pixie

As a former Entertainment CM, yet it’s true. You’re never the first to let go. You hug as long as that guest needs.” – Sara

Sometimes you just need a hug. Especially kids. 

That being said, please remember that others are waiting in line as well. But get your hugs if you need it!

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