Test Track - RIDE IS OPEN

Author:Admin |  Published: January 30, 2020

Test Track is a thrilling and interactive attraction located in the Future World section of Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It provides guests with an immersive experience that simulates the testing of a high-performance vehicle.

Here’s a description of Test Track at Epcot:

  1. Queue and Design Studio: The Test Track experience begins with a queue area where you’ll encounter a sleek and futuristic design. As you make your way through the line, you’ll enter the Design Studio, where you have the opportunity to create and customize your own virtual vehicle using interactive touchscreens. Here, you can select various attributes such as power, efficiency, responsiveness, and style.
  2. Pre-Show: After designing your vehicle, you move on to a pre-show area where you’ll learn about the testing phase and the challenges that lie ahead. A video presentation highlights the importance of each aspect of your vehicle’s performance.
  3. Boarding: Next, you enter the ride vehicle, which is a six-passenger “SimCar” that represents the virtual version of the vehicle you designed. Buckle up and prepare for a thrilling test drive.
  4. Performance Testing: The Test Track experience takes you through a series of performance tests that evaluate your vehicle’s capabilities. You’ll race through different environments, including high-speed straightaways, rough terrains, and sharp turns. As you navigate these challenges, your vehicle’s performance is scored based on factors like speed, responsiveness, and efficiency.
  5. Speed Test: One of the highlights of Test Track is the high-speed portion of the ride. Your vehicle accelerates to exhilarating speeds, simulating the feeling of racing down an open track.
  6. Environmental Testing: As you continue through the ride, you’ll encounter different environmental conditions such as extreme cold, heat, and corrosion. These tests demonstrate how your vehicle handles various challenges.
  7. Final Test: The climax of the ride is the final test, where your vehicle’s overall performance is evaluated. You’ll see how it compares to the designs of other guests. The results are displayed on screens inside the ride vehicle.
  8. Exit and Chevrolet Showroom: After the ride concludes, you exit into a post-show area featuring a Chevrolet showroom. Here, you can explore the latest vehicles from Chevrolet and engage with interactive exhibits that showcase automotive technologies.

Test Track offers an exciting combination of design, interactivity, and high-speed thrills. It allows guests to experience the process of creating and testing a vehicle, providing an engaging and immersive journey that highlights the world of automotive innovation.

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