Disney World Resorts Return to Free Self-Parking

Published: January 11, 2023

As of January 10, 2023, self-parking at all Disney World Resort Hotels has been returned to complimentary. This out-of-the-blue announcement came as quite a shock to Disney fans and also to those that frequent the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.

Disney had offered free parking to guests of the Resort Hotels as a perk since Disney World opened in 1971. Disney also offers free parking to Resort guests at all four of their theme parks.

This had changed in 2018 when Disney changed their policy and required overnight guest to pay a parking fee that ranged from $13-$24 per night depending on the Resort that you were staying at.

This angered many of the loyal Disney fans that enjoyed staying on property and felt as though this was just a money grab by Disney.

In June, 2019, Disney raised the rates for self-parking to $25 for Deluxe Resorts, $20 for Moderate Resorts and $15 for Value Resorts. This meant that a family staying 6 nights at a Value Resort had to pay an additional $90 on top of the almost $200/night for the room.

It is nice to see Disney start rolling back some of the ridiculous fees that have come about over the past five-seven years. With the current economic forecast for the next year in the United States and abroad, I would not be surprised to see many, many more price rollbacks and/or discounts offered by Disney.