Disney Trip Update

Published: May 25, 2020

Universal Orlando has announced an opening date!

Now the waiting game for those of us that have Disney vacations scheduled for this Summer begins.  We originally had scheduled our vacation for April, but Covid-19 took care of that.  Beginning of May it was looking as though Disney would be reopening the parks in Orlando sometime in the beginning of June, so we rebooked our vacation for the last week of July.  So with the Universal Orlando announcement last week of an opening date, we were hopeful that Disney would follow, but nothing.  With Disney Springs opening 3rd party resturaunts and stores on May 20th we thought there would be an announcement, but nothing.  We thought with Disney opening Disney stores in Disney Springs on May 27th there would be an announcement, but nothing.

As of the time of this post, Disney has cancelled all reservations up until June 15th and with the smaller theme parks in the Orlando area opening this past week (Gatorland and Fun Spot) we are assuming that Disney Parks will open on or around June 15th.  We understand that Disney World will take a little longer to open than the other parks in the Orlando area, including Universal, due to the share size of Disney.  There are so many working parts that they need to get perfect in order to open during the pandemic.  If one thing goes wrong and an outbreak is traced back to one of the Disney Parks, the damage could be unrecoverable.  Remember a few years ago when a Mumps outbreak was traced back to Disneyland? The bad PR toward the Disney Corporation took months to recover from, even though the outbreak was not Disneyland’s fault.

I am quite sure that Disney is crossing its T’s and dotting its I’s to make sure that they are doing everything possible to keep their Guests and Castmembers are safe as possible from the Covid-19 virus.

Our Vacation

That being said, we are still waiting for word on when the parks are going to open and when we can start to book FastPasses and Dinner Reservations.  We would also like information on whether the NBA will be playing the remainder of their games and playoffs at the Disney World of Sports Complex near Pop Century and Art of Animation.  We would also like to know if the rumor that the players will be housed in the Disney Resort Buildings and how that would effect those of us whom had reservations for months in those buildings.

Even with this, as long as the virus is held in check, my family is still planning on visiting Disney World at the end of July.  We have a couple of celebrations that will be well overdue to celebrate.

If the virus does not behave or if there is a spike of Covid-19 cases in Orange and Osceola Counties, then we will be forced to, out of abundance of caution, cancel our Disney Vacation once again.

Check out our Vlog regarding our July Disney Vacation with several other factors that are giving us optimism that the Disney World Theme Parks in Florida are very close to opening.


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