Did Cinderella Castle Burn Down at Walt Disney World?

Published: February 24, 2024

Cinderella Castle located in Walt Disney World is the icon of the Magic Kingdomand the resort as a whole. Now a new story indicates that the castle caught fire Friday night and burned to the ground. 

But is it true?


It’s yet another clever story from the Disney parody site “Mouse Trap News.

If you read further into their story, they joke that Disney wanted to move the castle but fans pushed back against it so they intentionally set it on fire to remove it and add a Spirit Halloween store. 

Don’t worry. Cinderella Castle is fine. 

However, in the past, there have been fires in the Magic Kingdom. This is likely why the story sounds so believable. 

Back in 2021, a fire behind the castle sent Reedy Creek Fire trucks down Main Street U. S.A. 


Another fire closed the Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management in 2011. After that happened, it was closed and reset to the shorter version of the Enchanted Tiki Room we have today. 

Some even joke that a disgruntled fan or Cast Member set it on fire. Of course, that is just a joke. 

In 2020, the People Mover and Astro Orbiter shut down after smoke billowed out of the People Mover attraction. It was not a fire.

During the Festival of Fantasy Parade in 2018, the Maleficent dragon caught on fire. 


Disneyland also has fires

Of course, we had the fire that broke out in the Fantasmic Show at Disneyland last year. It destroyed the Maleficent dragon and caused Disney to rethink how they used fire for the show. 


Disneyland also had a fire behind their Main Street U.S.A area in 2020.


Fires do happen. But the castle is fine. Spirit Halloween isn’t coming to WDW.

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Source: Mouse Trap News

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