Can You Get Into Disney World With Decades-Old Tickets? Yes! Kinda!

Published: February 5, 2024

Let’s say you came across a 1-day ticket to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from 1978. Would you try to use it to get into the park? One person rolled those dice, and it had surprising results.

Upworthy posted a story about a TikToker named Matthew Able, who just happened to have such tickets. So, how did that gamble pay off?

It worked, sort of. A Cast Member at the gate stamped void throughout the 46-year-old Magic Kingdom ticket booklet. However, she returned and handed Able a pass inside the park. 

Disney World’s management probably figured there was no risk in allowing a single person into the park if they had a vintage pass that had never been used. How many of these are lying around in 2024?

There’s also the possibility that this was just a TikTok stunt, and Able ended up paying for a one-day admission pass after the Cast Member voided the Magic Kingdom booklet. It’s hard to tell for sure, but I intend to call Walt Disney World tomorrow to inquire about this issue and the protocols for such cases, if any.


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We covered how much Walt Disney World tickets cost over the past 50 years. Adjusted for inflation, a ticket book to Walt’s Florida Project would have cost $22.73. Not bad compared to today’s single-day, single-park price of $140-$180.

Considering how uncommon it is to find an unused Magic Kingdom ticket book in such good condition, I feel this whole thing was a bit of a stunt. Unstamped booklets, including E-ticket coupon books, can be picked up on eBay for less than the current-day price of admission. 

It’s not a bad con, and I know people who’ve done stranger things to get into the parks without paying full price. However, I would not suggest trying this method if you don’t live close to Walt Disney World.

[Source: Upworthy]

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