Ahmed Best Leaks Unannounced ‘Star Wars’ Game!

Published: February 28, 2024

Ahmed Best as Kelleran Beq saving Grogu during Order 66.

It is one of the best redemption arcs for a Star Wars actor, and it keeps getting better! Ahmed Best is returning to Star Wars!

The actor announced via his Instagram that he was mo-capping for a new (and unannounced) Star Wars project. The tags include Jar Jar Binks (the actor’s first franchise role) and his most recent appearance as the heroic Jedi Kelleran Beq. Interestingly, Sith Lord and Activision are also included in the hashtags. 

So, this mystery project is a game that has yet to be announced. Will we see Kelleran Beq’s adventures before the Great Jedi Purge? Maybe. 

It may also be possible that the game could follow Beq and Grogu as they flee the newly formed Empire, which could include a run-in with Vader and his Inquisitors. 

In case the post is taken down, here’s what the former Jar Jar Binks actor had to say:

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. #mocap #starwars #jarjarbinks #activision #jedi #sithlord #kelleranbeq”

Ahmed Best had to deal with the weight of Jar Jar Binks’ less-than-favorable fan reactions for years. Although this was hardly the actor’s fault, it still took its toll on his mental health

Thankfully, The Mandalorian gave him a new role in the galaxy far, far away. Kelleran Beq was a well-received character who fought off the Emperor’s forces at the Jedi Temple and escaped Coruscant with Grogu. 

The Activision title is just one of several new Star Wars games coming out after the drought EA left us with following the company’s exclusivity deal from the mid-2010s. Today, the remastered Dark Forces title launched. Later this year, we will play as smugglers in Ubisoft’s Outlaws.

Hopefully, things regarding video games are looking better for the Star Wars brand. We’ll see.

[Source: Instagram]

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